Resources for Learners



Learner Dictionary – A dictionary for English learners.  Provides easy-to-understand definitions.

Google Translate – A great place to get help with translating a word, paragraph and more. – Many different language dictionaries. Also, “Fun & Games” for fun and games!

Merriam Webster – The dictionary that many Americans use, including me.

One Look – Links to dozens of dictionaries.

Urban Dictionary – Warning! NSFW!  Often obscene, but a good place to find idioms and slang.


Study Materials for U.S. Citizenship Test – All kinds of great free study materials from the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services.  Practice tests, flashcards, questions, interview videos and more.  See this page for languages other than English.

U.S. Citizenship Test – Youtube video of all questions and answers.  Listen for pronunciation.

U.S. Citizenship DVD – It’s free!  Practice test and interview.


Study Guides – From Mesa Community College, what you should study before taking the GED placement test.


iCivics – 21st Century Civics. Website created by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Interactive games teach about civics, rights of citizens, courts and important Supreme Court cases.

Learn to Type

Typing Web – Credit a free account and you will learn to type and track your progress.

Business Keyboarding Skills – If you want to learn or improve your typing, check out this website.  It’s like an in-depth class typing class on-line.  Thanks for the suggestion, Noah!

Sense-Lang – Go through the lessons and learn to type.  Games to test your keyboarding skills.

BBC – Typing games. A fun way to learn to type. Use head phones.

Power Typing – Another learn-to-type site.  Be sure to select the “Qwerty” typing lesson.  Also, typing games.

Type On-Line – Another learn-to-type site.   “Safety First” talks about important things to remember, like taking a break and using good posture.

Solutions NW – Keyboarding techniques.  Use the correct posture to avoid injury.


King County Public Library – Join!  Become a member and then you can borrow books.  KCPL also has ESL classes.

Seattle Public Library -If you live in Seattle, this is the library for you.


Google Translate – Translate a section of text, document or webpage, into another language.  Warning:  teachers will know if you did your homework or used the internet!


Wikipedia – English.  The first place to go when you want to know anything.

Wikipedia – The first place to go when you want to know anything in a language other than English.


Cell Phone Carrier – Who is my cell phone carrier?

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