Favorite ESL Links


These are some of my favorite ESL websites.  If you have another website to recommend, please email me at jhouse@highline.edu.

Spelling City – Practice listening and spelling.

Starfall – For Beginners.  Alphabet, pronunciation, games.

Games to Learn English – games!

Kindersay – For Beginners.  Alphabet and lots of vocabulary words.  Listen and read.

Christopher Benum’s English Site. – Created by an ESL teacher – Christopher Benum. Pronunciation, spelling, capitalization quizzes.

Pumarosa – This site is in Spanish. Lessons, pronunciation, GED and citizenship. My Spanish-speaking students love this site.

Learning Chocolate – Lot’s of listening practice. (Try to stay away from the advertisements.)

USA Learns – Students love this program for learning and practicing English.  If you want to create your own account, it’s free. Just register and fill out the information.  Remember to write down the password you used!

Learn American English Online – This website covers everything: listening, speaking, reading, writing, with easy-to-understand videos.  The 1st level is the BLUE level.  Start there and then continue with the more difficult levels.

Manythings.org – Pronunciation practice, games, quizzes, hangman.  Many things!

Activities for ESL – Grammar and vocabulary quizzes; bilingual quizzes.

ESL America – Pick a topic and you’ll find many links.   All sites have sound!

ESL America/Life Skills – So many topics!  I love this website.  Games, videos, quizzes.

Rong-Chang – Lots of links to ESL websites.

Free Rice – English and other topics.  For every correct answer, rice is donated!

Idioms – What are idioms?  Phrases that do not make sense when translated literally.  This is a great site, but it can be very slow during the day.

More idioms.

English Club – Grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and more.


Grammar Practice – lots of grammar practice!

English Page – Grammar and vocabulary exercises, tutorials, dictionaries and resources for intermediate and advanced learned.

Grammar Girl – Lots of great tips on many different topics.

Adele’s ESL Corner – Great grammar practice.  Doesn’t explain the rules, just lots of great practice.

Grammar Monster – Grammar, grammar and more grammar.

Brian Cleary – I love this site.  It’s geared towards children, but beginning learners might enjoy it.  Interactive practice games based on his colorful books. Go to the Words page to learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns prepositions and more. Matching games.  Other categories include Animals, Math, Phonics, Food and Poetry.


EZ Slang – Listen to native English speakers using real everyday English, including slang and idioms.

Manythings.org – Pronunciation practice.

Sounds of English – Learn how to pronounce specific sounds in English and word stress.

ESL Lab – Easy, medium and difficult listening quizzes in everyday English.

BBC Learning English – Everything you need to know about the sounds of English.


California Distance Learning Program – Read and listen at the same time!  Select a topic – Working, Family, School, Money – and then choose a story.  Some stories have video too.

Ultimate Guide to Reading Comprehension – Comprehensive learning resource guide for students and teachers.

General Learning

GFC LearnFree – from the good people at Goodwill.  Computers, math, reading, internet, mobile apps.  A great resource.

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