Campus Resources


Resources are places or things which can help you.  At Highline, there are many resources.

I need help. Who can I talk to?

Transportation problems? Childcare needs? Job schedule change? Need help buying books or paying for tests? Unemployed or job searching? Housing concerns? Ready to quit? Don’t give up! Come visit Building 1 for resources to stay in school. We are here to help. Contact: Working Families Success Network, 206-592-4242 or 206-592-4379.

I need help with my English.  Where do I go?

You can visit the Writing Center in Building 25, 6th Floor for help with your writing.   You will need to make an appointment to work with a tutor.  The Tutoring Center is in Building 25, 6th Floor.  At the Tutoring Center, you can ask for help in any subject except Math and Writing.  You don’t need an appointment.

Is there a gym at Highline?

Yes!  It’s in Room 21-103.  Before you use the gym, you need to register here.  Log in with your UserName and Password.  You will have to provide an emergency contact and answer some medical questions.  When you visit the gym, you will need your SID number.

Can I get childcare at HC?

There is a Childcare Center in Building 0.  If you receive food stamps or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) (Cash), you may be eligible for help.  You can go to Building 1 for more information.

I want to go to college, but I don’t have money.  Where do I go?

Visit the WES in Building 1 or see the programs webpage.  You can also go to Workforce Education Services (WES) Orientation on Fridays at 1:00pm in building 10, room 103.

I want to study computers.  Where do I go?

At Highline, you have several choices if you want to learn more about computers. Joseph Holly teaches free computer classes on Fridays or Saturdays at Highline to ESL Level 2-5 students.  You will learn how to use computers and Microsoft programs.  Go to 29-309.

When you have completed ESL classes, you can study more advanced computer skills or learn how to service computers and networks at Highline.

I want to learn a profession after ESL.  Where do I go?

There are many programs of study at HC:  computers, CNA, accounting,  business.  Click here to see a list of the programs and contacts.  If HC doesn’t have a program that you’re looking for, Tanya can help you find a program at another school.

When you are in ESL Level 4, you can begin college classes!  Some classes are 3 months; some are 6 months and some are two years.  Each college class earns (gets) credit.  You must take a test called the Compass ESL Test and My Math Test.   You can practice here.

I was a professional in my country; I went to college.  I want to continue my profession here.  Where do I go?

Go to the Welcome Back Center in 19-103; visit their webpage.  You will need to speak with Linda Faaren.

I need to talk with someone about personal problems.  Where do I go?

If you need to speak with someone, you can visit the Counseling Center.   They can help you with many problems:

  • If you’re having difficulties at home or at school or at work, they can speak with you.
  • They help students explore their choices in personal life (at home), career, academic.
  • They can help you identify your strengths.
  • They also help students navigate school.
  • If you need to speak with someone confidentially, visit, email or call the Counseling Center.

I’m not safe at home. Where do I go?

Please come to Women’s Programs in building 6,  lower level.  This is a confidential service.  “Confidential” means they won’t tell anyone what you talk about.

Can men visit Women’s Programs?


Where can I get health care and Orca Lift card?

Do you take the bus?  How much do you pay?  $2.75?  That’s too much $$$.  With an Orca Lift card, each ride is $1.50.  Click on this link to find locations where you can buy an Orca Life card.  Scroll down the page until you see South King County.  Scroll down and find the location nearest your home.  You can also visit Building 1 for Orca Lift cards.

I want to become an American citizen.  Does Highline offer a class?

Yes!  Highline offers free citizenship classes.  Click here for the flier.

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